Get Involved

As a Citizen, here is how you can get involved:

Become a voter registration church coordinator

This “point person” is responsible for getting the congregation active in the political life of the community by

  • Conducting non-partisan voter registration and get-out-the-vote drives.
  • Educating the congregation on getting involved, biblical teaching on civil government, issues, and candidates’ positions.
  • Encouraging neighborhood and block level political involvement.

Place a voter registration display in a visible location.

Provide voter registration forms and vote at home forms. • Available at local post offices, county registrar of voters, and local Secretary of State offices.

Designate a series of Sundays as “Citizen Sunday” to register voters.

Display the Americans of Faith poster.

Provide voter guides and sample ballots:

During election years, many churches make voter guides available to their members. This is permissible educational activity as long as the guides do not reflect a partiality, which could be misunderstood as an endorsement of a particular party or candidate. • Educate members about the ballot process by showing them how easy it is. This makes them more likely to vote on Election Day.

On the Sunday before an election, remind the congregation about the civic duty to vote.

As a Pastor, here is how you can get involved

Assign a voter registration church coordinator who is motivated to get others registered to vote.

Designate four weekends as “Citizen Sunday” to register voters.

Give a sermon on a Christian’s civic responsibility to vote.

Ask those not registered to vote to raise their hand and distribute voter registration materials to them.

Ask those who are registered to vote to fill out a vote at home form.

We have found that those who fill out a vote at home form are more likely to cast their vote than those who are only registered to vote.

Have ushers collect the forms.

We have found that merely providing voter registration forms at the back of the church is not adequate. Taking additional measures is necessary for meaningful results. 

Bulletin inserts:

  • Distribute Register to Vote and Citizen Sunday bulletin inserts encouraging voter registration.
  • Distribute the enclosed bulletin inserts on Citizen Sunday and the last Sunday before Election Day
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